Same Church... Same Heart...Same Passion... New Name

After 12 years, Nelson Bays Church has changed its name to Christ First Church. One of the things we discover in Scripture, is that whenever God changed a person’s name it was to establish a new identity for them, and it was a declaration of intent – what God intended for them to be and become. The same is true for this local church.

We want to be identified as those who truly put Christ first in every way, but we also know it’s a name we will (and need to) grow into.

For us though it’s all about Jesus. We want to make much of Jesus. Our mandate as a church is to know Christ and to make Him known; where knowing Christ is our greatest joy, following Christ our greatest pursuit, and glorifying Christ our greatest goal.

We believe the name ‘Christ First’ better reflects who we are as a church, what’s important to us, where we’re going and what we’re wanting to achieve and live in.

This is an exciting time for Christ First and in many ways signifies a new season for us as a church; one of increased opportunity, effectiveness and fruitfulness.

As we go into our preferable future, let’s all keep Christ in the forefront of all we do; ensuring we seek Him first (Matt 6:33) as we strive to be a church that is Christ-centred in every way.