Living with your Super Power

I am sure like many children, you have had your imagination take you on amazing journeys; as you've read books, comics and seen movies about people with super powers. Over the years there have been movies made about Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Cat Woman and more recently The Avengers and Black Panther. These superhuman heroes can fly, shoot lasers from their eyes, and have super-powered abilities to breakthrough any obstacle.

I personally used to read loads of Marvel comics, lapping up all the stories of the men and women with different super powers. In my imagination I would often imagine myself as a person with a super power, especially when I was under discipline and sent to my room. I would wish that I had the ability to walk through walls so that I could get back outside and play with my friends. But sadly, I was left in my room having to deal with my anger, resentment, bad attitude and rebellion. And try as I might, no matter how much I tried to burn a hole through my mother’s retreating back as she left my room closing the door behind her, I just never was able to do it.

Even as an adult, especially as a young mother with kids, with so many things on my plate and so much expected of me, I would sometimes enter a little day dream of me having supernatural abilities to achieve everything I needed to! I am sure that many of you have wished for that as well? But, hang on a sec everyone, don't you know that you actually do have a Super Power?

If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, then you have been given an ‘anointing’ by the Holy One (1 John 2:20). That means that every believer has that power on them, in them and working through them every moment of every day. That ‘super power’ is the Holy Spirit given to us as a free gift from Jesus Christ to help us and empower us in our Christian living. It’s not earned, it’s freely given to those who want it.

That’s the start, Jesus! When we accept that He loved us so much that He did exactly what the Father asked of Him and died on a cross in our place. When we recognise that we are sinners in need of a Saviour and we accept Him as such, we become new people (John 3:16; 2 Cor 5:17). We become like Him. A little like the reporter Clark Kent who came out of the telephone booth as Super Man.

Jesus is our model, or the prototype, of who we should be most like. Jesus walked on water, he multiplied food, he healed the sick, raised the dead and cast out demons at every turn. He stood for truth, humility and justice! As a superhero, Jesus went around exposing the bad guys, rescuing people and he always saved the day. Jesus was a Super Hero; no one can deny it. Batman, Superman, The Hulk and even Spiderman are just characters created by the active imaginations of highly creative people; but Jesus was for real. No one thought him up. Jesus was a real person, an historical figure; he was and is a real Super Hero and he made a huge difference on planet earth. When he left, he realised that we couldn’t make it on our own. He realised that we needed power to go about living life as he had and doing what he did. But, it doesn’t stop there for us as believers, because Jesus said that we would do greater things than he did when the Holy Spirit comes upon us (John 14:12). The Holy Spirit is our supernatural power for life and for godliness.

That means you and I don’t have any excuses. Jesus left us with the power, the only true power, to live like him, to be like him and to do like him. Because the Holy Spirit has come upon us, no matter what life brings, we have that power to overcome; we have the resources to face anything. There is no obstacle or circumstance too big or too heavy for us to bear. Because of our ‘Super Power’, we can help others as he did. We can release His healing (body, mind, soul and spirit) and his life into situations. So, words like, “it’s too hard, I can’t, I give up, it’s hopeless, it can’t be done, I'm too weak, I don’t have what it takes etc” can never be in our vocabulary. These are all lies from our enemy, the devil. He never speaks truth and he never does good. So, don’t believe him!

If you and I can remember who Jesus is and what He has done for us, we can live in that power. If we truly understand whose we are - that we are now the true sons and daughters of the most High God; co-heirs with Christ (that means everything available to Him is available to us); we too can live powerfully victorious and overcoming lives. We have the only Super Power that matters - the precious Holy Spirit. And he is always powerfully at work on us, in us, and through us.

So how can we stay connected to that Super Power?

Be found in His presence. Sit with him daily. Soak him up. Be still before him. Wait in His presence so that you are literally and liberally saturated with this power.

Pray in the Spirit. Prayer in your own language is good but praying in tongues is another powerful way of making you more aware of your spirit and God’s Spirit. It is the “charger” for your spiritual walk. Plug in, stay plugged in, and be charged fully for each new day.

Listen for His voice. Don’t just talk, spend some time just listening for his voice. And then hear what he says to you. Be led by Him, keep in step with Him, always be obedient to Him. Obedience is a powerful tool.

Renew your Mind. Stop listening to the enemy’s view of you. It’s wrong; he always lies. When you settle your identity in Christ, then you will think differently. Study, meditate, train yourself in the Word and speak the Word. Keep the helmet of your salvation on your head guarding your mind.

Stay connected with other believers. Never neglect the "gathering of the saints". Together you and I are stronger.

So, let's live like we have a Super Power, because we do. And his name is the Holy Spirit.