Be Still and know that I am God

Psalm 46:10 says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

As I read that verse, I felt the Father highlight three areas of encouragement for us.

Firstly, we are told to, “Be still”. What does still mean? It is a rich word full of different meanings. When God says, “Be still”, I think firstly, He is saying, “Child of mine come aside a little while, come into a place free from distraction, noise and the hustle and bustle of daily life. Come away awhile to this special place where it’s simply you and Me. Let’s enjoy intimacy and relationship uninterrupted.” I think He is saying, “Let’s sit together awhile and forget everything else. In My presence find freedom from the turbulence and commotion you are facing, and come into a place of peace, tranquility and calm. Come where I am. Let me be your refuge, your strength and your help. Just be with Me.”

But I think, He is also saying, in the “Be still”, that as we spend time in His presence, we will find a place of rest (Ps 62:5-8). The Bible tells us that He is our rest. He is the place we can run to during great trial, adversity and pain.  As we enter His rest, the winds, waves and storms subside and the pain eases and fades away. When we enter His rest all our striving, all our work and efforts cease and we simply revel in being with Him.  In the “Be still”, I think He is also saying, “trust me”. As we hang with Him, as we enter His rest, we let go of all our fear, anxiety and worries and we have a confident assurance, a trust that this Father will work out His absolute best for us.

Once we get the “Be still”, He then says, “and know…”. Know what? Firstly, know that our Father knows suffering. This isn’t an abstract concept for Him or simply head knowledge. He knows suffering through personal experience. He has walked the path. God the Father gave up His Son to death on a cross. He knows what loss looks like. He knows what grief, pain and hardship feels like. He even knows what broken relationships feel like as He watched the devil rebel and walk away with a third of heaven’s angels. He knows!

I think and know is also speaking about knowing who He is. He is God. The God who created you and me. Our Creator who is everywhere, who sees everything and who knows everything. He is omnipresent (all present, all seeing), omnipotent (all powerful) and omniscient (all knowing). He is the Supreme Being who created the Heavens and the earth (Gen 1:1). He is God Almighty and our Father.

And to know who we are. Our God knows us. He knows our weaknesses, our strengths, our failures; He knows our family history, our likes and dislikes, He knows it all. We have no secrets from Him. He knows every nook and cranny of you and me. He knows us better than we even know ourselves.  Yet despite all that intimate knowledge of us, He still loves us. We need to know that we are His. We are His children. We are co-heirs with Christ Jesus and we have full access to the treasury and vaults of Heaven. We have heaven backing us! Greater is He in us, than he that is in this world. We are victors and not victims. We are overcomers and not those who are overcome.

Lastly, that verse ends with these wonderful words, “I am God!” Folk, He is God. That means then He is in control of everything. I don’t mean that He is controlling; but that He has it all in hand. We can be confident that our God isn’t surprised, dismayed or confused by anything that comes our way. He knows, He has a plan; a plan to prosper us and not to harm us; a plan that gives us a hope and a future (Jer 29:11). He is working it out and will continue to work everything out for our good and our future. Being a Christian doesn’t mean we lead a trouble free, heavenly existence. But it does mean that in the trouble, we can take courage and have full confidence that our Heavenly Father is with us and working it all out for us. So, “Be still and know that He is God!”