Things are speeding up

Personally I always try to live in a place of contentment; but never to live satisfied! Contentment, because the opposite would be discontentment and that will always lead to the negative fruit of disappointment and dissatisfaction, which in turn gives birth to criticism! Contentment helps us live each season well; mindful of all the good in that season, but it keeps our eyes on Jesus for direction and our ears open to His leading. I never want to live satisfied; because for me that equates to settling down or accepting the status quo. God has never called us to settle or to accept the norm. God is always on the move. He is moving forward and He takes those who want to move forward with Him. He calls us onward and forwards.

If you are following Jesus, then you have spiritual eyes to see that there is always so much more available to us. God is a God of fruitfulness, multiplication, increase, advancement and growth. He is continually moving forward, accelerating in speed as each new season approaches. I look at Nelson Bays Church, and I am so grateful for what has been achieved by those who have gone before; I celebrate their hard work and sacrifice, but I am not satisfied with what we are currently seeing or experiencing. Change is needed. We need to change our thinking about why we exist, and we need to shift our understanding of each individual’s role, function and responsibility in the way forward. Why? Because there are people all around us who have yet to meet Jesus. Nelson Bays Church doesn’t exist for you or me; it exists for the benefit of those who are not yet part of this church. We exist for the unchurched, for those yet to hear the liberating gospel of Jesus Christ. Each one of us has been called personally and given a responsibility to touch this city.  

There are two words that I feel the Lord has given me for our next season as a church. They are multiplication and acceleration. I believe He is saying there is a shift, a new fruitfulness coming and a change in mindset needed for this next season.

According to the definition of multiplication and acceleration is as follows:  

Multiply, multiplied or multiplying means to make many or manifold; increase the number or quantity of. It means expansion, growth, increase in size, extension, amplification, augmentation, building up and addition. 

Accelerate, accelerated, accelerating means to cause faster or greater activity, development, progress, advancement; to hasten the occurrence of: to change the velocity of (a body) or the rate of (motion); cause to undergo acceleration. 

I believe that God is moving us into a season of acceleration and multiplication. Change is a coming! What took ten years to produce fruit will take a quarter of that time. God is causing things to speed up because time is running out. There is a renewed call to discipleship at Nelson Bays Church. God wants to multiply healthy, growing disciples who in turn make healthy, growing disciples. We are called into discipling; we are called to reproduce. Anything that doesn’t reproduce itself will die out and become obsolete. God wants to make us many. He wants to bring about expansion, growth and increase. He wants to cause things to snowball and mushroom, building up and adding to us. He wants to increase our number through people getting saved. He wants to add to our number new babes in Christ and He wants us ready and mature so that we can come alongside those babes and disciple them. Why? So that they too can go out and make disciples, baptising others in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and teaching them to obey everything He has commanded. He could do it all on His own, but He chooses to give you and I the awesome privilege of being part of this reproduction strategy. 

He wants us to progress, to move from immaturity (where it’s all about me) to maturity (where it’s now about others). He wants us to advance His Kingdom by pushing back the powers of darkness and rescuing those who are in darkness. He wants each one of us to develop and mature; to change and grow up into Him who is the Head of the church – Jesus. He wants to multiply leaders, life groups and ministries so that we can minister to our neighbours and neighbourhoods; affecting and changing our city with love and truth. He wants us as a people, to gain momentum and increase in effectiveness and influence in our city and beyond. He wants to bring multiplication, acceleration and change – if we will let Him. God is so into multiplication, increase and addition. God is very much for increasing the pace, the effect, the momentum and bringing acceleration to all we do. None of us can manufacture this, but what we can do is position ourselves for the more; having ears to hear, eyes to see and being able to respond wholeheartedly to His leading. He calls each of us to be faithful, which in turn will bring fruitfulness. Change is coming and with it God is bringing a multiplication and acceleration. Are we ready for it?