There is a time coming...

On the 29th January, this year, we as a church celebrated our 10th birthday. We spent the morning celebrating and remembering the goodness of God towards us. I specifically asked the Lord for a word that would be His now word for us as a church. I felt Him say that this word would be for every church in our city and the cities of the world. This is a word set aside and earmarked for every group hungry and desperate for the more of God. This I believe is a word for the next decade and beyond.

I felt the Lord say to me that in the future we will be entering a time of great power and authority where we will see extraordinary things happening. A time when the blind will see, the deaf will hear and the lame will walk. A time when the demonic will shudder and quake because we are in the room and are praying; it’s a time when our prayers will move mountains and shift the very atmosphere. 

There is a Mighty Move of the Spirit coming and Father is inviting us to be part of it. It won't look like before. It's going to be different. And it's going to bring a unity like we have never seen among the churches in the cities of our world.  And like a wave we will rise as one and move across our cities united together doing kingdom business. This wave will move across our world as the time of His return is coming. He wants all people reached and saved.

But, this will require some battles. Battles that are not meant to harm us but to arm us with new abilities, new faith, new hope, new authority, new power. We won't automatically be part of this new thing, but we will need to put our hands up and say, "Yes Lord here I am and I am ready to embark upon this with you."  So, when the battles come, don't be afraid or dismayed but stand firm and remember, " I go before you and I fight on your behalf. I will breakthrough ahead of you so the resistance won't be as difficult as it could have been."

There is a time coming when multitudes in the valley of decision will be gathered to The Lord. Many will bow their knees to Him and be drawn into the Kingdom. There is a Great Last Day Revival coming and I want you to be a part of it says the Lord.

Recently, I have been reading Mark’s Gospel and there are many occasions where we read, “and the whole town”, or “the whole town brought all their sick and demon possessed people to Jesus”. It also says, "they ran around the whole region gathering all who were sick to take to where he (Jesus) was”;  “many were healed and delivered.” There is a time coming church, where our churches will be unexplainably full. Many won’t be able to get into our buildings and will be clamoring at the doorways and the windows trying to get in so they can be healed and set free. We won’t know how they got there or what motivated them to be there that day, but they will be there. They will fall down on their knees under the weight of conviction from a Holy God and call out for Him to touch them, deliver them and heal them. Revival is coming!  And as with every revival before, people will be drawn to Him and will come in their droves desperate for a touch from Jesus. The picture in my mind is of our churches with overflowing car parks and churches full of people, clamoring and desperate for Jesus. And we will simply be given the privilege of working in partnership with Him.

Bring it on Lord! Bring it on!