Breakthrough - It's Coming!

Recently, I felt a shift happening in the spiritual realm. Nothing seen physically, but rather a deep feeling within me. I began to sense faith rising in me for things I thought were lost or forgotten.

On the 11th November, I felt the Lord give me two pictures. The first one was of an ice breaker. A ship that goes ahead of other ships to break open the ice and create a way for other ships to follow. The second picture was of a hammer slamming down on hard ground; resulting in the ground breaking open and new life, growth and fruitfulness coming about.

With these pictures I have felt a shift, a change happening. I felt God say He is releasing a breaker anointing at this moment in time and it is going to break open, break off and bring breakthrough for many who have for a long time been crying out for God’s deliverance. I see high walls coming down as the cannonball prayers of the saints break through. God has heard you and His breakthrough is near.  

For a long time, some of you have been experiencing bondage which keeps tripping you up. Others are experiencing financial blockages and hold ups, with little or no respite. For others there have been challenges and difficulties in relationships, be it in your marriages or in other relationships where unforgiveness has had a tight hold on you. For some this has been a long hard season. The enemy, for some time, has frustrated and delayed the Lord’s breakthrough (remember the account mentioned in Daniel chapter 10); but no more. Your breakthrough is coming!

A friend of mine, who I believe operates as a prophetess, recently posted a word on 15th November on Facebook. She was feeling a shift had happened in the spirit realm. The shift she felt came with a feeling of winds of change. She saw a gradual but steady breakthrough in the things people had been trusting for. She felt this in terms of nations, relationships and business opportunities.... She continued to say, “Look around you, change is imminent, a spark has happened, a crack in tough ground has opened. Receive it...”

She also felt that this was being worked out in some nations around the world, including Qatar and Zimbabwe. The breakthrough long hoped for was now happening. Change was stirring and was suddenly upon us.

I believe this is a word both for individual believers but also for the church. It hasn’t been by human design or intention that we here at NBC have over the last few months been looking at the great subject of Faith and of the Holy Spirit. This has been a God plan, as He stirs faith in us to believe for Heavenly manifestations of power to invade our lives and to bring about victory, fruitfulness, salvation, healing and deliverance.

This breaker anointing that is breaking through, breaking out and breaking off is releasing more courage and boldness than ever before. It’s releasing freedom and liberty over those who have been captive to things for far too long. Its breaking off restrictions, the things that hinder and the things that contain and limit. It’s breaking off smallness.

This breaker anointing is releasing the Glory of God. We will see more of Heaven breaking in through signs and wonders. We will see new mantles released over individuals and new doors of opportunities opened to churches around the world. There is a release of greater impact and effectiveness being released as time is short. Jesus is coming back!

This anointing is destroying yokes of bondage and removing burdens that have weighed down Christians for too long, causing them to be paralysed and unable to live in their God-given power and authority. There is a renewed hunger for more of His presence, more of His power and more intimacy with The Lord. It’s restoring the broken and bringing healing to many. This anointing is causing the River of God to flow like so many of us have longed for. A new wave of salvations is being released. The prodigals are returning and those trapped in the bondage of false religions are being freed even now.

There is a dam bursting forth as it breaks through the walls that have for too long contained and limited. The water is flooding and flowing everywhere. Everything is changing! Your breakthrough is here…