Have you heard the expression, "seeing is believing?"

Have you ever heard the expression, “seeing is believing”? As believers we tend to shy away from that thinking, as it’s the exact opposite of faith. And so, for us, “believing is seeing”! That’s the part that faith plays in our lives – we need to believe for it before we see it. That’s why Paul exhorts us to “live by faith and not by sight” (2 Cor 5:7). Faith is the opposite of seeing. The moment you see it, you can’t have faith for it.                                                           

G. Campbell Morgan says, “Seeing is not believing; seeing is seeing. Believing is being confident without seeing”. That is the essence of faith! An example of that would be the Faith of the Centurion in Luke 7, where he says to Jesus, “Just say the word and my servant will be healed” (vs.7). He believed first and then saw the evidence of his faith (vs.10).

But for the unbeliever, seeing is indeed believing. When people see the power of God being manifest, it causes them to believe. We see umpteen examples of that being played out in Scripture. One of those is when Peter heals the crippled beggar in Acts 3. It says, “when the people saw him walking and praising God, they were filled with wonder and amazement at what had happened to him” (vs.10). Seeing the power of God manifest, caused many to believe (see Act 4:4).

It’s no different in today’s society. If we are going to see Nelson won for Jesus, it’s going to happen by ongoing demonstrations of the power of God! But that power isn’t going to just fall out the sky; that power is going to be released through God’s people (you and I). Believing for it is not enough, we’re going to have to step out and into it. We’re going to have to be intentional about it, believing that God wants to use us to demonstrate His power and advance His Kingdom. We have to believe that God has added us to His Church because He wants to use us in His supernatural plans and purposes. Where we would be those who are supernaturally natural and naturally supernatural.

Remember, God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called. Every believer is called to be a “competent minister of His grace” (2 Cor 3:6) – to do what Jesus was doing and even greater things (John 14:12). According to Scripture everyone is called to do the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12) and everyone has an anointing to do what they’ve been called to do (1 John 2:20;27). But we’ve got to believe that in order to see it. And once we believe this – that we’re called and anointed by God for the supernatural – then the world is going to see a release of God’s power that will cause them to believe!

Demonstrations of God’s power is always to get people’s attention – for them to fall on their knees and say, “surely God is amongst us” (1 Cor 14:25)!  Every outpouring of God’s presence and power is a sign that points people to Jesus! However, we don’t chase after “signs and wonders”, we chase after Jesus. Signs follow and accompany us; not us following them!  And so, we’re not looking for signs and wonders; but rather for Jesus to be known and exalted through signs, wonders and miracles. When Jesus healed the paralytic in Mark 2; it says, “This amazed everyone, and they glorified God, saying, ‘We have never seen anything like this!’”

The bible tells us that the same power that was available to Jesus (that was received at his baptism) is available to us. That’s why Jesus had to return to the Father, so the Holy Spirit could come, and enable us to do what Jesus had been doing. The promise is “You will receive power when the H/S comes upon you” (Act 1:8). It’s Jesus’ promise: Power will come upon you, if you want it and recognise your need for it.

Jesus wants to be glorified, and not only in the church, but through the church! He says, “You are my servant, Israel (put your name there), in whom I will display my splendour” (Isaiah49:3).  God wants to display his power and splendour through each one of us. However, if we will not arise and display the power of God, the church and the Kingdom will not advance! This is our time to “arise and shine” and we can “for our light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon us” (Isaiah 60:1).