A season of waiting

Seasons in life are always changing. Here in Nelson, we are coming through a season of winter. Soon it’s going to be spring! The new leaves are already forming on trees and flowers are beginning to bud. As in the natural, there are changing seasons in the spiritual.  Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “to everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.”

Winter is a particularly difficult season as nothing grows and develops and everything appears dead. The trees become bare as all their leaves change colour and fall off. All around, the grass, plants and flowers die off. Just visit my garden and you will see this to be true. Winter is a season of dormancy. It’s a season of waiting. A season where it appears as if nothing is happening. But, even though it appears that everything has died, there is much still happening underground in the root system and in the sap of trees and plants as they prepare for the fruitfulness and growth that is coming with Spring. 

Recently, we were sent a prophetic word. We were reminded that “God never forgets the seeds He has planted. That the fruit may not be seen yet, but the ground will soon break open.”  Basically God was encouraging the leadership here at Nelson Bays Church to be patient in the waiting season; the season of winter, where there doesn’t seem like much is happening.  For in due time we would see the fruition of every prophetic word spoken over this church. Soon that season will be upon us.  

So what should we do while we are waiting?

Relax and rest in Him. Remember God is the author of every season. So He is in control of everything that happens or doesn’t happen. He ends one season and begins the next. We don’t do anything but remain faithful as we prepare ourselves in the time of waiting. Because in every season God is dealing with our character and growing us.

Do a stock take of why you do what you do. That means access and examine your motives for why you do what you do. Deal with your insecurities. Deal with your fears. Deal with your hurts. Deal with your reputation and be prepared to die to self. Find your worth and value in Him and not in what you do. If you don’t, this will taint your motives.

Get out of your comfort zone and be prepared to grow and change as you make ready for the new. God doesn’t want us comfortable, He wants our characters to grow and He wants us to develop. He wants you and I learning new things and upskilling ourselves for our new season. Don’t live in the same old, same old. Don’t live in the safe and familiar; take risks and step out, trust God and let Him grow, increase and enlarge you. Trying to keep one foot in the old while you place the other in the new, will only cause you to lose your footing and fall on your face.

Live in and live out self-discipline. Self-discipline is a fruit of the Spirit. It requires time to develop properly. Self-discipline is developed when we do the right thing consistently, over and over again for a very long time. The value of self-discipline is enormous! There are many people with amazing natural talents and abilities but they never succeed, simply because they’ve never disciplined themselves. The flip side of this is also true. A person without much natural ability or talent can accomplish incredible things simply because they rigorously discipline themselves. Discipline is essential to our character development!  When we are faithful in little things, like time in the Word and spending time in God’s presence daily, we are better equipped to handle the bigger responsibilities that God will open to us.

Folk get ready, for a new season is coming. With it comes greater fruitfulness and increase. Don’t fear it.  Embrace the season change. Position yourself to walk in everything God has promised.