I have called you to be eagles and not turkeys or chickens

A few weeks ago God give me a picture of an eagle soaring high in the sky. I felt Him say, “I have called you to be eagles and not to be chickens or turkeys. It’s time for my eagles to fly.”  

I was also drawn to the scripture in Isaiah 40:31 which says, “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” (NAS)

What’s the difference between a turkey/chicken and an eagle? A turkey and a chicken are small brained (also known as bird brained), They have wings but don't fly and never get off the ground. They never get anywhere. They peck at the ground, walking around in groups, following the crowd and never think for themselves. They settle for what’s around them; the here and the now, never looking beyond. Did you know that in a storm, turkeys have been known to drown? How? They get so caught up in the storm that they look up with their mouths open, and end up drowning in the rain! Chickens flap and hide in storms, completely fearful and afraid. Turkey’s and chickens eventually end up on someone’s celebratory table, stuffed and eaten for dinner. 

But eagles are intelligent birds. They fly high. They get off the ground and their majestic wing span takes them far distances. They have amazing vision. They have great strength and kill and eat small mammals (no dead left over’s, worms or insects for them). They know how to soar on the wind currents of storms, so that they don’t get tired or weary. They never end up on someone’s dinner table. They are not earth peckers who only look down at the ground, but they are majestic visionaries who see the big and complete picture. Turkeys and chickens squabble and fight each other for things in the yard; whereas eagles are inspiring.  Eagles take their responsibilities to heart. They mate for life, build nests high up in hard to reach places in order to keep their eaglets safe. They are strong of heart, courageous, have a broad perspective and are 100% committed to their destiny. They don’t get caught up in squabbles and they don’t get caught up with what’s below them; they fly and they fly high.

Moses was an eagle. He often left the crowd and went up the mountain to wait on God and to spend time with Him. He believed the isolated mountain top experiences were essential for him to stay strong and focused. To have vision and remain focused, no matter the obstacles, he needed time on the mountain top with the Lord. Moses knew how to deal with storms. He didn’t hide or get drowned in the storm, but he found the Lord’s perspective. He used the storm currents to fly upon, so he could get through victoriously.                                                                                                                                                             Moses understood, as eagles do, not to eat left over’s and dead things. He knew that old, outdated, second hand revelation would only make him sick and weak. He ate fresh manna and nourished himself on the fresh food that God shared with him. He remained fearless in the midst of great opposition and challenges because he spent time up the mountain with the Father. When the people grumbled, complained, cursed or squabbled, he didn’t join them but spent time with God and got wisdom, insight and understanding in His presence. He got a “God perspective”. Moses understood that those who waited upon the Lord would renew their strength; they would mount up on wings of faith and they wouldn’t give up. Moses realized that he could continue to love, serve and follow God faithfully and victoriously only by being on the mountain with Him. He knew that when storms came, with God’s help he wouldn’t be over whelmed but could fly high with vision, energy and courage because God was his strength and his energy.

Remember, God has called you to be eagles; not chickens or turkeys. It’s time for His eagles to fly.