In this season Abba Father is sounding out a renewed call to intimacy...

A young girl, we will call her Lucy, absolutely loved story time with her daddy. She particularly loved the fairy tale of the three little pigs. Every night, she would call for her daddy to come and read the story to her and every night for months and months he did. But her dad eventually got tired of all the time and energy this took and he got the bright idea to record the story and place it next to her bed. The next night when it came to story time, Lucy's father said, "Good night sweet pea. Just press play when you are ready for your story." As he turned to leave Lucy cried out, "But daddy I want you to read to me." To which he replied, "Lucy just press play and listen to my voice as I read the story to you." Little Lucy began to cry and said, "But then daddy, I can't sit on your lap, with your arms around me as you read." You see, as much as Lucy loved the story, she loved the intimacy and connection with her father even more.

Our Father in heaven longs to meet with us regularly. He longs for us to come to Him each day, to climb on his lap and simply enjoy intimate communion and interaction with Him. He wants us to talk with him and then to listen as he talks back to us. He wants us to reach out to Him and He wants us to connect, really connect with Him. There are days when I get this right and then there are days where I get so caught up with doing that I forget the most important thing is simply being with Abba Father and sitting in His sweet presence, feeling His loving and comforting touch. This is an encouragement about intimate friendship and connection with our Heavenly Father! And yes, it’s far easier to write about this, talk about this, and even preach about this, than it is to do it.

I believe in this season, Father is sounding out a renewed call to intimacy. He is calling you and I to spend time with Him. He wants ongoing and deeper intimacy and relationship with Him. He is saying to his sons and daughters, “come and sit with me a while and let’s share our hearts with one another. Let’s just sit together and enjoy one another’s presence.”

The Christmas season can be quite a distraction and before we know it we can have spent more time planning Christmas celebrations, buying Christmas presents and wrapping them all up; or spend hours planning our holiday. This usually means less time just being with the Father. I encourage you as I encourage myself, to make every effort to simply sit in daddy God’s presence and enjoy hanging together. Let Him share His heart and desire for you and what He wants to do in and through you in this next year. Just meditate on all His goodness, kindness, mercy and grace shown toward you this year.

Remember when you first fell in love? All you wanted to do was spend every waking moment with that person. Why should it be any different in our love relationship with Jesus? Surely we should want to spend every moment we can in His presence, listening to His sweet voice as He shares His thoughts, intentions, desires and dreams for us?  I challenge you all during these holidays to not neglect your intimate friendship with Him. Daily prioritize time with Him and simply sit with Him and enjoy His friendship. Read the Word, pray, worship, fellowship with others and please, don’t neglect Sunday worship times. Don’t disconnect from Him and from one another. It will be so hard to gain what you’ve lost.  Let’s come into 2017 refreshed, energized, strong and encouraged, ready to run our race with Him at full speed.

Let’s climb onto daddy God’s lap and laugh, rest, love and enjoy every moment of connection and friendship. Enjoy Him and linger longer in His presence. You and I won’t be sorry if we do…